Jesus Remon, Founder

In his role as President of My 4 Rules, Inc., Mr. Remon brings 3 decades of experience in Insurance, Risk Management, Technology and Finance.  As an experienced entrepreneur, he's in charge of the overall direction of My 4 Rules, including the application of the latest technology to the management of chronic diseases such as Diabetes and Obesity.  He brings a sense of urgency to make My 4 Rules an agent of change in the areas of Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes and Obesity in all segments of the population. 


Joseph Gutman, Founder

Dr. Gutman is the Medical Director of My 4  Rules, Inc. He has a distinguished 35-year career as a Board-Certified Internist and Endocrinologist, Lecturer and Certified Diabetes Educator helping thousands of patients deal with the complications associated with Diabetes and Obesity.  He has seen first-hand the perils of non-compliance and is providing his clinical knowledge and oversight to My 4 Rules' processes and its team of professionals in support of our patients.

Steve Cowper, Founder

Governor Cowper brings a deep understanding of government budgets, public-private partnerships and investment management.  He was instrumental in the development and later served as chairman of Alaska’s Permanent fund ($54 Billion).  He has a successful track record in a variety of technology and energy-related ventures.  As a Founder of My 4 Rules, he focuses on the positioning of our telehealth service within State and local governments, Fortune 1000 companies, and Hospital groups.


Lynn Remon, Founder

As Vice President of Operations, Ms. Remon brings 30-years of experience in operations management, web-based content development, and insurance.  She lead multiple successful startups including a web-based training development company and a multi-state insurance brokerage.  With a deep understanding of the burden currently placed on both employers and patients by ever-increasing health insurance premiums and decreasing levels of coverage, Ms. Remon brings her expertise, and commitment to improving our patients' quality of life, to each project.