Diabetes Management

My 4 Rules' customized programs help your employees manage their diabetes, lose weight and improve their lifestyle habits.

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today to discuss program options. We'll work with your budget while meeting your short-and-long term goals for reducing your overall employee medical expenses.

Prevent Diabetes

As a CDC-Recognized Program Organization, My 4 Rules' 12-month lifestyle change program is tailored to help your employees that have a high risk of being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes avoid getting Diabetes. They will learn how to implement healthy changes in their diet, their life and work with their Educator to develop the skills needed to maintain their changes.


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To see a list of the topics covered in our Diabetes Prevention Program, you can download here.

Other Conditions

Obesity, Heart Disease, and Cancer are chronic conditions with their own set of complications. Complications that can be lessened with the support of My 4 Rules' Clinicians working with your employees.

My 4 Rules works to educate employees about  their illness, good nutrition, exercise options and the benefits of compliance with their doctor's prescribed medicines and protocols.


My 4 Rules' team of Master Trainers trains nurses, dietitian techs, fitness trainers, behavioral health specialists and others on how to improve diet and lifestyle choices.

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